Bay Islands - Macleay Island

Situated just 30km from Brisbane at the southern end of Moreton Bay, Macleay Island is largely a residential island offering a quiet, relaxed lifestyle and a range of amenities including convenience store, pharmacy, bakery, hairdresser, hardware, service station, tavern, caf├ęs and taxi service. Services on the island include a medical centre, ambulance and local fire brigade.

Macleay has a diverse and interesting history, both Aboriginal and European. The island's Aboriginal name is "Jencoomercha" and it was regarded as an Aboriginal meeting place with spiritual importance. There is also evidence that it was treated as a place of sanctuary between island and mainland inhabitants.

European interest started soon after the foundation of Brisbane, with one of the first occupants being given a Deed of Grant for the island in 1880. Macleay was then subdivided into a number of smaller farms and the community remained this way until the early 1960s, and for many years, provided the Brisbane markets with tropical fruits, nuts and vegetables.

The island is made up of rich volcanic soil and sandy loam and has unique native flora and mangrove foreshores. It maintains a thriving population of wildlife, including approximately 200 resident species of birds.

There are a number of beaches on the island that are great for picnics or simply relaxing. Casting a fishing line is also a popular pasttime at these beaches.

Pat's Park is a popular spot, with bbqs, swings, toilets and a swimming enclosure. Other locations are Thompson's Point at the end of Wharf Street, and Corroborree Place, a pebble beach with deep water. Potts Point, located on the northern tip of the island, is the perfect place to relax, have a family bbq or go swimming at the sandy beach or swimming enclosure (Beelong Street).

For those looking for a bit of exercise, why not play a round of golf and relax afterwards in the unique club house on Waterside Drive. If you prefer bowls, the licensed bowls club has spectacular views over the water. There is also a boat club and arts centre for visitors to enjoy.

During your stay, why not visit Perulpa Island, a tiny island joined to Macleay via a causeway? Perulpa has the Aboriginal meaning of "an island off an island".
There are a number of holiday homes available for rent on both Macleay and Perulpa Islands. Whether you are looking for overnight or long stays, contact Redlands Tourism for more information.